So what is Microblading?

Permanent Makeup has been getting a lot of attention these days because of how convenient it can make your life. You can avoid going through all the trouble of putting on makeup every single morning and just wake up looking beautiful.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup and has become extremely popular in the past few years. Many celebrities have been getting treatment because of how natural and convenient it is. Essentially, the artist will draw you a semi-permanent eyebrow that will look natural and last anywhere from 8 to 12 months. This lets you have the freedom to have wonderful eyebrows and not having to commit to one eyebrow design. Once the time is up, the eyebrow will naturally fade away and you will have the opportunity to choose your next option from there.

Your technician will apply numbing cream on your face to get rid of the pain and draw out a layout of how your new eyebrows will look. After applying the outline, she will get a microblading pen in order to begin the process of creating your new set of eyebrows. Be careful when choosing your artist, because each individual artist will have different skills and you will have to choose the artist who can draw the eyebrows you desire. Don’t let this scare you, most technicians are extremely skilled and have learned the best methods in order to make your eyebrows look natural and clean.

The cost of microblading will vary between technicians, but you should consider it an investment towards getting a hassle-free method of getting beautiful eyebrows. Most businesses will charge anywhere from $200 to $1000. Make sure to review their portfolios and look on their website for more information on their services.

Most businesses will offer other services such as eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, blush, lips, contour, skin treatment, and more. Most technicians have years of experience in this industry and have added the skills to apply microblading due to high demand.

The process will usually start with a consulting session with your artist and proceed to starting the actual treatment which should last around 1 hour. After the treatment is done, your technician will give you further instructions of the post-microblading treatment.

You will most likely have to revisit and get a follow up to ensure that your eyebrows will maintain its look for the next year. This process is extremely simple and you will reap the benefits of semi-permanent eyebrows for around a year!

We have the opportunity to interview a local permanent makeup salon called Brows & lashes and got valuable information on what the technicians do and what the customer should expect. They are a local business that has been in houston, texas for over 20 years and have serving hundreds of people who want a more aesthetic look for an affordable price and reliable service. Be sure to check them out at Houston Microblading for more information.

This is a summary of how your first microblading appointment will consist of and you should pay extra attention to the skills of the artist you end up choosing.